Meet Betty Hamilton RN BSN MA CCH

Betty Hamilton is a Registered Nurse, has her Master of Arts in Experiential Health and Healing and is a Certified  Consulting Hypnotist.  Betty has spent 40 years as a Registered Nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital.  Betty became interested in complimentary healing while getting Master’s Degree from the Graduate Institute in Bethany, CT in Experiential Health and Healing.  Her passion and results for hypnosis inspired her to open Hypnosis for Health, a practice dedicated to helping and healing people through hypnosis and Reiki.
Hypnosis for Health offers hypnosis for the following but not limited to
  •   Smoking cessation
  •  Weight reduction
  • Stress reduction
  • Regression
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Sleep disorders
  • Decrease anxiety before surgery/procedures


2 thoughts on “Meet Betty Hamilton RN BSN MA CCH

  1. Ariana Eaton

    I heard about the open house 2 hours after it ended! I’m interested to learn more about hypnotherapy. Will you have another, or be speaking elsewhere?

  2. ehamilton04 Post author

    This Saturday February 27, 2016 at the Shoreline Center for Wholistic Health
    35 Boston street Guilford, Ct. 06437
    at the Open House at 12:20 pm

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